Case study research

Using the narrative and numbers approach

The following enterprises
took part in the case study research:

DNA Research Center Ltd.

Poznan, Poland | Visit company website

DNA Research Centre is an innovative biotechnology company offering services in the field of genetic medical and microbiological diagnostics based on molecular research technologies. As part of its own research and development work, the company has developed innovative diagnostic methods allowing it to create over 600 genetic tests in the field of: microbiological diagnosis, predisposition to cancer and genetic diseases, as well as identification of kinship. The company also provides laboratory, bio-informatic and design services for scientific and research institutions, medical institutions and companies from the agro-food industry. For its achievements, in 2012, the company received an award for the development and implementation of a comprehensive panel of diagnostic tests to identify pathogens transmitted by ticks in the competition “Innovative Project” organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. In the years 2009-2011, it also received 14 other prizes, distinctions and certificates confirming its market success, including the award for an innovative service in the nationwide competition of National Leaders of Innovation and Development.

EkoWodrol Ltd.

Koszalin, Poland | Visit company website

The EkoWodrol company is a specialist contractor in water treatment and wastewater treatment technology, internal installations and technological networks, as well as water supply and sewage system facilities. The company conducts its own research and development activities and has a unique laboratory for testing fittings and check valves. As a result, a number of innovative devices on a global scale have been patented and implemented, for example, Szuster System elbow check valves and innovative pneumatic compressors which besides pumping sewage additionally remove the problem of noxious odours. The company actively internalises its operations by selling its products to more than 20 countries around the world, including the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Great Britain, Germany or the Netherlands. The position of the leader of innovation has been confirmed, among others, by holding the second place in the ranking of the 500 most innovative companies in Poland in 2010 prepared by the Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the MSN Scientific Network as well as by the “Regional Leader of Innovation and Development” title awarded in 2011 for two innovative products: aeration columns and purge columns.

Roltex Ltd.

Sulechow, Poland | Visit company website

The Roltex company is a multi-branch enterprise operating in the field of metal processing, warehouse management and internal transport. It implements comprehensive projects related to the processing of sheets, pipes and metal, as well as the production of steel details, parts and structures, ranging from design, through production, to assembly. The company also offers a variety of elements made of black, stainless and acid resistant steel and aluminium as well as a wide range of warehouse, shop and production hall equipment, ranging from simple platform trolleys to extensive racking systems (pallets, cantilevers, shelves, etc.). As part of its innovative activity, the company primarily improves its technological processes based on innovative processing techniques, e.g.: using a laser cutter, and introduces new services and products. Its position of the market leader has been confirmed by a number of awards, including the Lubuski Business Leader Award, HIT Region, Market Leader of Innovation 2012, Business Gazelles distinction, and the Golden Certificate of Business Credibility. The credibility of the company has also been recognised by extending an invitation for it to join the Chapter of Reliable Companies.

i3D Inc.

Sulechow, Poland | The company is currently inactive

The i3D company creates and develops innovative IT technologies in the area of virtual reality and realistic three-dimensional 3D graphics. Its products fully imitate the real world in virtual reality, significantly accelerating design processes, construction verification and testing of modelled objects. The company’s leading products are: proprietary Quazar3D software, which is a modern graphics engine for creating interactive virtual reality applications, as well as the Flooid system for managing touch applications and multimedia equipment. In recognition of innovative market solutions, the company received in 2015 the award in the competition “Initiator of Innovation” organised by Newsweek Poland and PwC for the E-physiology project which enables conducting virtual three-dimensional vivisection. In 2013, the company received an award at the French Laval Virtual Awards in the “Engineering, Service and Training” category for the implementation of the innovative project called “Interactive Engineer Training” (InterEDU). In the years 2011-2013, it also recorded 8 other successes in national and international competitions in the field of entrepreneurship and innovativeness.